Favorite Posts

A short compilation of some of the more popular posts here at the blog…

Embrace Your Inner Black Sheep – Being a non-conformist is the way to live!

Writing Wisdom – To thine own self be true.

No More Waiting – There’s no perfect time to start doing what you love!

Slow Down – Because life is too short.

Living the Thoughtful Life – Appreciate and embrace your life now.

Writing Buddies Blog Carnival – Writers and their pets!

The Stress-Free Guide to Christmas – What happens when you try to build a gingerbread house with a falling roof?

Blog Carnival: Where I Write – Check out where fellow writers get to work!

Paying Attention – Because it’s the little things in life that truly matter.

Enhance Your POV – Discussing an often-overlooked part of writing.

Finding Time for the Right Things – Sometimes, it’s ok not to write.

Ode to Autumn – Fall is truly the best time of the year.